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GMVault – Probably your nr. 1 email backup solution for Gmail

GMVault program It’s a neat little program I just recently discovered that lets you backup and restore your Gmail account along with your chat logs. It’s open source, can run on Mac, Windows and Linux. It’s really robust, prone to network/IMAP errors and fast. So far I used fetchmail to backup my Gmail emails, but

Vyatta – SNAT – Randomly rotating public IP addresses

The problem Our contextual system uses bots/spiders to leech data from our customer’s websites in order to parse them and use extracted text for further content analysis. This means we have setup few servers that run bots/spiders. Can you imagine if 20 bots started leeching websites hosted on same webhosting using only one ip? That could be considered as sort of

Testing SMTPS certificate

Sometimes you need to test if your newely installed certificate on mail server actually works and is refreshed. For example when your old one expired and you replaced it. You might even want to write some monitoring scripts to check from remote server, either SSL certificate is about to expire, or isn’t working correctly. For