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EncFS – Easy way of encrypting directory

Why? Usually system administrators need to secure their data. Plain text passwords, certificate files, private ssh keys laying around your disk are big security risk. Many times on existing system we don’t want to encrypt whole partition or just don’t have time to do it from scratch. We just need one folder encrypted and save our risky data in it.

Open DNS Resolvers in Slovenia | How Slovenian insecure DNS servers (possibly) participated in largest DDOS attack in the history

Foreword Recently we have faced one of largest DDOS attacks in history. The attacks were launched against SPAMHAUS website and about 300Gbit/s was thrown at them. The main reason attackers could reach such enormous traffic is by using open DNS resolvers to amplify the attacks. It’s so called Smurf attack with few modifications made. Smurf is

Checking limits of a running Linux process – ulimit

If we are dealing with servers that need to handle a lot of concurrent connections, we soon bump limits of our default Linux server installation. In order to be able to further modify these limits, Linux has ulimit. We can set system wide limits on CentOS in /etc/security/limits.conf or manually setting them with ulimit command. We