Tips for optimizing disk performance on Linux

Forespeech Lately I’ve been dealing mostly with storage and disk performance. We have several MySQL / MongoDB databases, which can be very I/O consuming. Usually people benchmark storage when they setup server, but running a real service on it, will actually show how really optimized the server is. Tips for optimizing your disk storage I’ll

Howto: Memcached replication = Repcached

Intro Implementation of replicated memcached is fairly easy. Even though memcache isn’t suppose to be used in this manner and should be used as violatile service, there is alternative, which can replicate data from one memcached to another. It’s called Repcached. As long as one repcached server is up, you will keep all your data

Hetzner’s ban, NAT leaking internal traffic on WAN interface and New Year’s

  As I mentioned few times, we have small cluster of servers located on Hetzner’s datacenters. We use Vyatta for our core router and we NAT all additional servers thru it, becouse Hetzner’s dedicated servers don’t support direct routing. Incident On new year’s eve, my phone started ringing insanely and I noticed one of our

Deleting backup from BackupPC – Manually

Problem BackupPC does not have scripts or commands to actually remove backup from the pool. One day you will want to remove that and for that purpose you have to “hack” your way in. Solution Easiest way to delete backup for me was this way: cd /var/lib/BackupPC/pc/<client>/ ls rm -fR <backup_number> /usr/share/BackupPC/bin/BackupPC_nightly 0 255 After

Debian Wheezy, Dell PowerEdge and Broadcom NetXtreme II / bnx2 driver

Problem Many tried to install Debian Wheezy or an earlier edition of Debian on Dell server and came to the point, where installation required additional drivers for your network card. It’s pretty annoying thing and we aren’t used to such issues these days, since most distributions include almost all drivers you can imagine.  As you may know Debian dropped bnx2