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I decided to take up a small side project. That is the reason why I didn’t write new blog posts in last month or two. (No I didn’t run out of topics to talk about :) ) The idea of a project came out of all those questions on the web, where people ask what kind of open source software exist for this or that. So, I decided to aggregate most of the sysadmin related open source projects on a single website.

The look

I wanted to make it look like a landscape page, so I can fit everything on one page. For it’s base I took kahun’s awesome-sysadmin github project, which I want to expand. I think the list there is still incomplete and I hope people will rather contribute if they see something that’s appealing for eyes. Of course all my data will be pushed back to kahun once I have more projects submitted, to support kahun’s work. Whole website looks like groups of specific types of software, with icons. You can find the topic and then see which open source projects exist, that actually cover that topic. It is a pilot project and if sysadmins don’t show enough interest in it, I will not continue to support it. This is made from sysadmin for sysadmins. Website is totally uncommercial. No ads will be there and I will try to keep it as small and quality as possible. Only good and active projects get to have a spot there. I don’t think there is so many worth mentioning projects out there to make it bloaty anyway.


Feel free to visit the website at and contribute to it. (Just click on that + sign and enter a project you think should be there.) You can also bookmark it, or forward it to your sysadmin friend, that mainly uses proprietary products, maybe he or she will find something useful.

Thanks for any feedback in advance.


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