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GMVault – Probably your nr. 1 email backup solution for Gmail

GMVault program It’s a neat little program I just recently discovered that lets you backup and restore your Gmail account along with your chat logs. It’s open source, can run on Mac, Windows and Linux. It’s really robust, prone to network/IMAP errors and fast. So far I used fetchmail to backup my Gmail emails, but

Deleting backup from BackupPC – Manually

Problem BackupPC does not have scripts or commands to actually remove backup from the pool. One day you will want to remove that and for that purpose you have to “hack” your way in. Solution Easiest way to delete backup for me was this way: cd /var/lib/BackupPC/pc/<client>/ ls rm -fR <backup_number> /usr/share/BackupPC/bin/BackupPC_nightly 0 255 After

Hot backup for KVM / libvirt / Xen

Overview We use Xen server on our development server and I decided, it’s time I start making full snapshots of my VM’s. So far we’ve done data backup only, mainly because of storage limitations. Since we got the new server, I have much more disk space now, so I would like to backup whole VM’s.

LVM Snapshots

What’s purpose of LVM snapshot? Purpose of LVM snapshots is quite simple. We want “point in time” copy of our LV, and snapshot helps us with that, by writing only differences on the snapshot. Why would I do that? It’s ideal for backing up virtual machines or other servers during their operation, since snapshot takes